How Laundry Services Work
  • Wash & Fold has a 24 Hour turnaround.
  • Wash & Iron, Ironing, Dry Cleaning has 3 day turnaround.
  • Express same day service available with a 100% extra added. Order must be placed before 1PM and will be delivered between 7PM-8PM.
  • Laundry can be left at reception for pickup if building allows.
  • If you request to have your laundry dropped off at your building reception, your order must be completed by debit/credit card.

How Home Services Work
  • Schedule Your House Cleaning with a minimum of 24 Hours notice.
  • Your keys can be left at reception, if your building allows (Put your keys in an envelope with Your Name/Order Number/Room Number/Contact Number).
  • If you Request to have your keys dropped off at your buildings reception after your place is cleaned, your order must be completed by debit/credit card.
  • 10% Off Regular price for 1 Month Package.
  • 15% Off Regular Price for 3 Month Package.